MTA is proud to be a SPRING Sector Specific Accelerator Operator

Our Investee Companies

Peregrine Opthalmic Pte Ltd

Founded in 2013, Peregrine Ophthalmic Pte Ltd is a privately-held company based in Singapore. The company is developing its flagship product, liposomal latanoprost, the first nanomedicine product in ophthalmology. It is a licensed technology from the Singapore Eye Research Institute and Nanyang Technological University. Liposomal latanoprost is a proprietary formulation using a Liposomal nanocarrier technology for treatment of glaucoma. A single dose of liposomal latanoprost has been shown to maintain a consistent and clinically significant intraocular pressure (IOP) lowering effect over several months in the FIM conducted in Singapore. Liposomal latanoprost is easily delivered in the clinic by the ophthalmologist, and is well tolerated by patients. The Company is preparing for multi-centre Phase 2b clinical studies in the US for the liposomal latanoprost which aim to collect additional clinical data to further validate and support the safety and efficacy of the product.